Get to know the brand!

Get to know the brand!

I started this brand for a purpose and that is to empower women. 

Early 2021 is when I had originally started Pages of Beauty.  When we got hit by a fire only 3 months after being in business.  It was devastating in so many ways.  This business was run out of my home, we struggled with a lot of loss, trauma, and no longer had a home.  My hopes and dreams ran dry and my family was my only focus.  I shut down.

Almost 2 years later, we finally had a home again, things seem to be settling down and we had so much more consistency in our lives again.  I finally felt like I had room to breath and a spark came about.

I had always wanted to start a t-shirt business and that is wear I was going to start.  It quickly turned into a full on boutique.  I knew I wanted to empower others in so many ways.  And most recently to help others feel confident, like they can move past their own personal stories and feel like themselves again.  You are so important and I never want you to forget it.

you are more than the cover -you are the whole damn book

Tears fall as I write those words, our official slogan because I know how easy it is to seem okay but not be okay.  This is your journey, your life, and you deserve the best.

I want you to feel confident and strong here.  And I hope the items we provide help you find something that makes you feel just that.

Welcome.  I am so happy you are here.



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